An Unexpected Guest

"An Unexpected Guest" was inspired by Van Gogh's Masterpiece, "The Potato Eaters", and in it the artist shows how the poor interact with each other and shows this relationship in contrast to the profound apathy that is found in relationship between most members of modern society. This apathy grows a little bit at a time, and with it, one loses one's true human identity. Holding a Coca "Cola and a hamburger, the guest is made of stone, and is unable to communicate and share the simple food of communal meal the poor eat together. It is offered with humility and simplicity, and he is invited to participate by joining the shared table at a moment of common spirituality. At the spontaneous gesture of the offer of a potato, the guest responds with indifference, egotism, contempt, detachment... the market values of the modern era"

Antonio Fiori

Year: 1994

Medium: Acrylic

Height: 60cm

Width: 70cm


An Unexpected Guest