About the Artist

Elio Sonsini - The ArtistElio Sonsini was born on May 8, 1944 in Tocco Da Casauria Abruzzo, Italy. He attended the Liceo Artistico Statale in the city of Pescara, where he graduated with the degree of Professor of Fine Arts. In 1967, Elio continued his studies in the United States in Pennsylvania where he graduated with a specialization in water colors (his preferred technique) under the guidance of Clifford Winner of New Jersey. He also worked professionally in the studio of Michael Rocco, a highly regarded watercolor artist in Pennsylvania.

The early 70's brought many accolades to Elio Sonsini, including a first place at a New Jersey Art Festival in 1971. At the Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Art Festival in 1972 he earned the second place, and was also exhibited in that year by the Baltico Studio of New Hope, Pennsylvania. Sonsini returned to Italy in 1974, with the background and training he received abroad, and the emotions of his homecoming to Abruzzo led him to several years of intense painting and the opening of his first studio in Pescara. In 1995 he opened a private art school catering to the young and the elderly. Various exhibitions and much recognition came to Sonsini in Italy. In 1982, he received a second place cash prize at a national art show in Manoppello Pescara Abruzzo. In 1996, at the Marzaroli Art Show in Salsomaggiore in the north of Italy, he was awarded with a silver platter from the Town Hall. In 1997 at the Concorso Primavera in Foggia in southern Italy, he won a trophy and an exhibition in the "Gallery of the Artist". In 1999 Sonsini exhibited with the Europe Art Group at the Castello Estense of Mesola Ferrara. In the same year, he showed his artworks at the Modigliani Gallery in Milano.

Elio Sonsini has also exhibited in Florence at the historical center, as well as in Rome, and a host of other cities throughout Italy. However, nowhere else has the presence of Elio Sonsini been more prominent than in his home of Abruzzo, where exhibitions have been held in the cities of Pescara, Chieti, Popoli, L'Aquila, Teramo, Vasto, Sulmona, Guardiagrele, Tocco Da Cassauria and others.

He has also been reviewed and noted by numerous famous art critics in art journals and magazines, and his name appears in the two most important Italian art catalogues: Annuario D'arte Moderna and L'elite. His works are in both public and private collections. Sonsini continued to teach in his private school in Pescara until 2005, at which point he returned to the United States and opened a second art studio in Sturbridge, MA.

In 2006, he had his first exhibition in the United States in "The Italian American Cultural Center" in the city of Worcester, Massachusetts, where it was received with great success by both public and critics.