On the work of Elio Sonsini

Elio Sonsini with Artist and EducatorEven in his most recent production, Elio Sonsini, who is defined by many as "An artist of the human soul" loves returning back to find out the personal and moral aspects of his character, and to retrace the most precious paths of his constant search of existence.

The respect for the elderly-with their wisdom and understanding of life, the love for infancy- with the emphasis of protecting and preserving it from all types of violence, and above all, the importance of social harmony having as seeds the antique honor codes such as characterized in small town life.  This message is to be given as pure as possible to a hardened and materialistic modern world.  These same values exist as themes in all his works and are emphasized by the artist with the choice of either acrylic or watercolor technique.  He uses soft colors plunged in various intensities of light, which give the work a perspective of volume, while the idea of moral feeling is portrayed.

The highest morality of the artist is revealed when he makes a self interpretation of the scene, and by developing the colors of emotion and formulating the structure of its design, he creates a more personal and poetic form of work.  On the canvas he expresses his intense desire to recover that which is most precious, the Nobility and Sensitivity of man.

We have much respect for this man, and the art that he creates.  We hope that his message of incorrupt purity and the poetry of innocence, may have a lasting influence, even until the next generation.

Mary Ann Cirillo
(Critic of Art from Pescara, Italy)